Apr. 9th, 2014

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Am semi recovering from a stupendously bad wet cold and am starting my period... which led to this hybrid sinus headache/period migraine combo and it is devastating. I feel like my head is imploding...

Give me all the medications. Right now. All of them. (And seriously, someone please come give them to me because I'm scared to get out of bed to go get them myself...)

ETA: Oh my gosh, I love my Zolmitriptan... The headache has almost cleared up! It's not great; I still felt it when I got out of bed a bit too quickly now, but I no longer feel like I'm dying and even got done some little tasks like paying bills that I was putting off...
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So I've been pining for the book Dandies in the Underworld, about the glam rock scene in music. I finally ordered it from Amazon (more on that later, possibly). Anyway, yesterday when I was home sick from work and about to order the book, I started wondering "Is it titled after a song or something?"

That led me to discover that yes, in fact, Dandy in the Underworld is the title song on T. Rex's last album. Naturally I had to check out this song and holy crow, I'm having one of those one song obsessions that I sometimes get. Dandy in the Underworld has now shot up to surpass Teenage Dream and Children of the Revolution and become my favourite T. Rex song, omfg I love it so much. It is... really inspiring me too... I want to go write some fan fics and some research papers and so on fuelled by it. I just wish I had time...

(Also, I am having the book Dandies in the Underworld shipped to my office because basically my apartment building sucks. I tried the trial of Amazon Prime with two day shipping, and am really hoping it arrives in the office tomorrow. The mail room takes at least a day to get things to the proper people, and I was hoping to have the book Friday, read it over the bus trip to Montreal on Saturday and over the weekend/Passover, and then maybe leave it at my parents' place so it'll be one less thing to move when I high tail it out of Toronto...)
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