Oct. 21st, 2014

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*temporarily fosters a cat lost in her building for a couple hours till the owner gets home and realizes* *names said cat after a prominent WWI era early psychiatrist known for treating shell shock* *bribes Rivers with tuna, has him sleep on her chest on the master bed, baby talks him, lets him play with yarn (which is now all covered in cat spit), etc etc*

Well... I'm rereading Regeneration, and the first scene I picked up was one of Dr. Rivers's scenes... And I saw signs all over my building for a lost cat whom they were keeping in the management office, but when the manager left, the security guard who's there overnight didn't seem as keen on cat sitting as I was, so I've adopted Rivers temporarily. He is the single sweetest cat I have ever seen (well... tied with a couple other sweet little guys); he's like just over a kitten, kind of a teenage boy cat but super cuddly and sweet. Seriously, my family cat, Sophie, is such a grumpy cat that she hasn't shown me as much love since 2006 as this guy has in the last couple hours.

I want to keep him forever, but I kinda need his owner to reclaim him because I'm in a studio apartment and have an allergic boyfriend whom I want to host often. :( And yes, the boyfriend's actually high quality enough that I don't want to trade him in for a cat, which is saying something...

Giant kitty pics! )
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