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So I have totally discovered Downton Abbey... and have discovered and started reading and writing fan fic for it (what can I say? I fell in love with Thomas surprisingly fast). A week and a half ago I was only just testing out the first episode. Somehow I marathoned the whole thing while home sick with a horrible, horrible flu, and, well.

I started my own slash story for it last night and continued it at work today and I... was totally NOT sitting at work researching historically appropriate lubes for this, nope nope nope. /suspiciously specific denial. XD A friend of mine in high school once said that if the teachers at our rather religious school knew what I used to sit there writing in notebooks that looked like, but weren't, class notes, I'd be expelled. I was always the Hermione of my class, so I wouldn't have been expelled from school - but let's just say I had cause to think of that conversation at work today. It's also probably a good thing that high school me didn't have a data plan, though I could not live without one now.

Seriously, though. I so need an accomplice in obsessing over Downton Abbey; anyone know anyone or any comms? Also - historically appropriate lube? Yeah, my searching didn't go so well so if anyone has suggestions... XD

Also - notice how the majority of my posts seem to start with "So I"...

Also also - am back in Montreal and I swear, one of these days I will end my bad-relationship-with-parents-imposed exile and come back and not leave.
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