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Had such a nice time at the Elton John concert but for the bloody headache - it seems to be a sort of signature move for me, having migraines at concerts; I spent half of Thursday night trying to figure out whether that migraine was worse or whether the one I had when I saw Iggy Pop was worse. But Elton John was awesome. I had this cheap nosebleed seat that was maybe five to eight rows from the back of the arena. (Seriously, I just kept looking over my shoulder and thinking "Well, it could be somewhat worse: I could be in one of those rows that are somewhat behind me.") Elton was in this awesome sequin jacket - so glam - that I could even see from my seat. I wanna say that he looked like a sparkler on a birthday cake, but it wasn't quite that bad.

And I really, really enjoyed the music. I felt so out of it that I only really perked up for the absolute favourite songs, like Tiny Dancer and Rocket Man, but that was a wonderful experience. I also had this sneaking suspicion that he'd do either Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters or Daniel and that I'd just burst out crying. Sure enough, he did Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters - which really resonates with the disappointment and disillusionment I've been feeling lately, only substitute "Toronto" for "New York City" - and I just burst out crying - but I'm still very glad he did it, you know? Rocket Man is another song that really resonates with me and I teared up a little during the piano outro at the end. Gah, I'm so glad I went though.

Also - got totally lost leaving the Air Canada Centre. That's another trademark of mine - get lost after the concert. Seriously.

Also also - this one girl sitting somewhere in front of me had this amazing 70s esque Penny Lane coat. I wanted that coat so much....

Ugh, I have more to say but still have this damn headache so I think I'll just call it a day. I may or may not eventually upload some of my crappy, trophy, "proof I was at the concert!" footage. =p

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Date: 2014-02-11 07:27 pm (UTC)
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So glad you had a good time and boo to evil headaches! I've got one now and instead of writing, I have to go to sleep :(

How nice of him to play your favourite songs as well :)
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