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So I've been pining for the book Dandies in the Underworld, about the glam rock scene in music. I finally ordered it from Amazon (more on that later, possibly). Anyway, yesterday when I was home sick from work and about to order the book, I started wondering "Is it titled after a song or something?"

That led me to discover that yes, in fact, Dandy in the Underworld is the title song on T. Rex's last album. Naturally I had to check out this song and holy crow, I'm having one of those one song obsessions that I sometimes get. Dandy in the Underworld has now shot up to surpass Teenage Dream and Children of the Revolution and become my favourite T. Rex song, omfg I love it so much. It is... really inspiring me too... I want to go write some fan fics and some research papers and so on fuelled by it. I just wish I had time...

(Also, I am having the book Dandies in the Underworld shipped to my office because basically my apartment building sucks. I tried the trial of Amazon Prime with two day shipping, and am really hoping it arrives in the office tomorrow. The mail room takes at least a day to get things to the proper people, and I was hoping to have the book Friday, read it over the bus trip to Montreal on Saturday and over the weekend/Passover, and then maybe leave it at my parents' place so it'll be one less thing to move when I high tail it out of Toronto...)
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