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I really need to use this journal more - as I've said, I've been over on Tumblr (mainly being sucked into Downton Abbey fandom drama) to the exclusion of pretty much any other social media site, but I do miss some really nice people here. Anyway, I'm still job hunting, back in my hometown, and applying for PhD programs, so not a terribly exciting life. I am, however, excited about the prospect of going back to school, crossing my fingers that I get one of the two programs I applied to at McGill so I can stay here, and wishing I could start in January but there's no January admission. My proposed research would pick up on my work on fandom, fan practices, and intellectual property law challenges, so I'm excited about that - and also a doctoral program would buy me time to hopefully eventually parlay my way into a teaching job.

Anyway, happy Christmas and a slightly belated happy Chanukah to all of you who may happen to see this!
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