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OK, I'm cribbing some of this from previous Yuletide letters, so I hope you don't mind, Dear NPT Writer!

Good morning, NPT writer,

First things first: thanks so much for signing up and being willing to write for me! I really appreciate the thought of getting a story and your efforts; I’m sure I will love your creation.

Second, if you have a story you’re just burning to write in any of these obscure fandoms/parent texts, write it! I am sure it will be good and inspired, and I don’t want to cramp your style. However, if you want to get a sense of what I like and/or use my suggestions as prompts, then I hope the following letter will be helpful.

What I like in general
I love slash, and I love contrasts between characters in slash or het pairings - e.g. in temperament, appearance, background, etc. I love and often go to fan fic for character and relationship development which canons tend to gloss over or do the bare minimum of. I also like angst., though angst with happy or at least hopeful endings is best.

I don’t usually go for paragraphs and paragraphs of smut (though I'd feel more comfortable with that in Velvet Goldmine relative to my other fandoms given that sexuality is such a big theme in the source text, so that request's fairer game). I’m a sucker for romance and deep emotional bonds between characters, particularly when you can just see how two people who care about one another balance each other out and work well together, or maybe don’t work well together. Finally, I love AUs that can capture the "essentials" of a character and a relationship dynamic even when they transpose the setting. (For more meta on that, and on the way I see and like certain essential traits of characters or ships to carry over into AUs, please see this post on my Tumblr.)

Velvet Goldmine
OK, this movie is hugely important to me and it always makes me really sad that there's so little fandom for it and that what there was largely dried up years ago; it's therefore a perennial request and offer of mine in exchanges. I really ship Curt/Arthur, and am less into Brian because I just find it so hard to get inside his head. However, that could make him an interesting choice to read about, or read (or, for you, write) something Curtor Arthur centric but that looks at how Brian impacted them? I don't know, but I'm always just thrilled to see more fic and more love for this fandom.

Also, I noticed when I offered this fandom that Oscar Wilde popped up as a possible character. If anyone wants to explore the movie's Oscar Wilde connections, or write Wilde in this "verse" or something, that would be super cool.

Finally, I have to say - as much as I want to see more work expanding and exploring the world of the movie canon, this fandom deserves to, you know, "radical" AUs like other fandoms get.

Kingsman: The Secret Service
All right, I've wanted to "fandom" for this movie since I saw it, but haven't really broken into any fandom or read any fic for it. However, I love the "world" of this movie, the idea of the "Service", and of course the Arthurian references with the Knights of the Round Table theme and, presumably, a modern sense of chivalry. However (see my meta on how nothing should be outside the law and how in real life Kingsman would be so worrisome) - what code of honour/chivalry keeps the Kingsmen in line, or does anything really? How does this not go to hell in a handbag every single day of their existence?

More specifically, I love the idea of Harry Hart as a "pure-hearted" character and a real modern Sir Galahad. I'd also like to see more of Merlin as well. I didn't get much of a "Hartwin" slash vibe between Eggsy and Harry when I saw the movie, but if you want to go that route, you might be able to make a believer out of me. Just... I love the idea of these idealistic orders (same reason why the concept of the Jedi is what sold me on Star Wars fandom way back when) and the modern Knights of the Round Table idea, so anything looking at those themes would be much appreciated. (Also, how is JB the pug a nominated character here, but not Eggsy? I like JB very much but, you know, including Eggsy instead of just his dog might be a more natural choice...)

Arthurian mythology
OK, I have loved Arthuriana since I was a wee thing reading books on King Arthur and his knights that were lying around the house since my older brother outgrew them. As I've gotten older, I've realized how much I love the potential for exploring the female characters in this mythos. I love Arthur himself, really don't like the idea of a Guenever/Lancelot affair bringing down Camelot or the interpolation character of Lancelot (.... works that posit that, "oh, the "real" story didn't happen like that and didn't involve the kingdom destroying adultery" would be great), and I really, really like works that at least attempt a historically plausible post-Roman Britain setting of warring tribes and population movements including the Anglo-Saxon invasions rather than the historically implausible "Merry Olde England" with late medieval armour and ladies in velvet dresses and things.

... Sorry if all this makes me sound like, well, not a Bride-zilla, but a recipient-zilla, and I hope you enjoy writing for me anyway! Thanks so much in advance.
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