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... And I've been having such a tough time that I couldn't rehash what I was feeling on site after site, but I did want to post something to acknowledge him, and am linking to a 7 second video I posted on my Tumblr on the off chance anyone's interested.

The salute comes from The Hunger Games series, another part of pop culture that's been inspiring me lately. "It means thanks, it means admiration, it means goodbye to someone you love." Goodbye, Spaceboy. I miss you: you're beautiful.
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Seriously, just had the most amazing time at the exhibit. (Members Only preview, as it only officially opens tomorrow - am so glad I took that membership.) OMG so fabulous, and so much Bowie memorabilia and music and videos etc (not to mention merchandise in the gift shop after) it’s actually a bit disorienting; it’s like an orgy of David Bowie stuff. Too much to take in at once, which is fine for me as I took an AGO membership so I can go multiple times, and am totally going again at least once. And have a whole Bowie party on Friday night - still need to pick up some of my accessories for that.

The one problem was that I am alone in this city and was alone at the exhibit, which meant I had no one to share it with. Seriously, I had no one to squee with, or to notice that I was wearing this great Thin White Duke-esque outfit (having come straight from work and therefore needed a Bowie-esque outfit that was also work appropriate), or to take pictures in front of the posters. That was the one downside - that and that they didn’t allow pictures in the exhibit, though I kinda expected that. Really would have liked to show you guys some but I wasn't feeling brave/rebellious enough to risk it among all those people. Maybe I'll take some when I go again.

Seriously, if someone is in Toronto, coming to Toronto or what have you, and you want to go to this thing, maybe we should arrange a meetup?
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Well, I’m moving tomorrow and my place isn’t nearly packed up yet… but instead of finishing that I decided to learn another very important life skill.

Me modelling my Aladdin Sane makeup. And my ratty pajama top... )

The pajamas and the makeup totally don't mix, and the lightning bolt needs to be a little more angular, but this put a huge smile on my face. I feel so accomplished now. Seriously, a little David Bowie goes a long way...
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