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Well, I'm on a big Oscar Wilde thing again and am trying to make a whole fad on my flist of re-reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. I re-read it; a few others of you darlings have been doing so or expressed an interest in doing so, so I may as well try to make a whole trend here. I feel so cool. I also haven't done one of those "Looks inspired by..." things in a long time, so here are looks inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Do I really need to do a whole plot summary of Oscar Wilde's classic and beautiful 1890 novel? I don't think so... )
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Have had no time to update this week and barely any to reply to comments due to schoolwork. Seriously, I got the most amazing feedback on my fan fic over on LJ such that it buoyed up my mood all week and felt like my birthday came months early this yer - and I haven't even had time to respond to that very sweet girl and thank her like she deserves. However, I am trying to dash off another fashion post inspired by, not surprisingly, David Bowie.

Continuing with Bowie Month, fashion blends inspired by some of his various regenerations... )
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Oh, Life on Mars. Full disclosure: I started watching this show because of its awesome early seventies soundtrack and use of one of my favourite Bowie songs for the title (see also my username). I stayed, however, because it is an awesome show with a really unusual and cool premise, strong characters, interesting plots and challenging questions about how the administration of law and justice have changed. Tonight, I have just finished inhaling the last season of its spin off, Ashes to Ashes, and so I wanted to do a post about this series.

Life on Mars follows the adventures of Sam Tyler, a very decent and 'evolved' 2007 cop from Manchester who gets into a car accident during an investigation and wakes up in 1973. He walks into his new life on the 1970s Manchester police force unsure if he's insane, traveling in time or hallucinating all this in some sort of coma or dying dream. The show explores Sam's overarching discovery of what's happening to himself as well as a stand alone plot or case in each episode; the spin off, Ashes to Ashes, follows a similar premise but with a different protagonist (and a somewhat disappointing tail end in my view, but oh well).

Without further ado, outfits inspired by Life on Mars )

'K, I can't believe I did a fashion post for Life on Mars, and may yet do an Ashes to Ashes one. (Also, note how my last two such posts, about two huge obsessions of mine, are both set in the 70s and totally titled after Bowie songs...).
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Ugh, I need to get a dress for my boyfriend's sister's wedding this summer, and I don't even know where to start. Seriously, I'm seeing so few styles that I like and that don't violate any of the constitutional conventions of wedding outfit politics (nothing white or off-white; don't out-fancy the bridesmaids, etc - and the one colour/look I'm inspired to try is perilously close to what the mother of the bride is wearing...) This is so very frustrating. Stupid constitutional conventions of wedding outfit politics. Where do I turn for outfit inspiration? I've been pretty good about getting inspired to dress better lately but now I'm fresh out of ideas - or the ideas I have run afoul of some rule or other. Darn it. I don't even have an outfit for the engagement party next month, although I may just shop my closet for that...

OK. Maybe I should try to be more open-minded; when I got my prom dress years ago, I had a specific, Goth-y vision - and ended up grabbing the first dress I tried on, a white one with a subtly classicizing sentiment that I fell in love with. (Yes, my 17 year old self fell in love with that dress for its classicizing sentiment.) But I like having specific inspiration and at least a general plan when I go shopping...
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1) So, instead of marathoning TV shows, my new obsession seems to be marathoning the Dan Savage archives. This is actually a kind of bad obsession as it's getting awfully time consuming - but so interesting, and he's just so funny and flippant...

2) I haven't done one of those "outfits inspired by" posts in a while, so, in keeping with my last post here, I'm paying tribute to Velvet Goldmine with some Polyvore creations.

Apparently I couldn't shut up about this movie so, um, fashion inspired by Velvet Goldmine plus commentary on the film (and even footnotes!) because converting people to this fandom is totally one of my life's ambitions )
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1) Finally got my old iPod speaker working and was able to bring down my old, no longer being used regularly iPod and listen to music while doing my swim in the apartment pool (got through just over half of Bowie's Hunky Dory, natch). That was awesome; I'd been looking to make swimming laps more interesting and was lucky enough to get the pool all to myself tonight. It may have been deserted because the water was kinda slimey, salty and gross. It's supposed to be a salt water pool but they may have overdone it tonight - yuck. But, oh well. (Took a good shower right after, so don't worry. =P)

2) I also think I'll use this journal to test out a new way to engage with fandoms. Inspired by the web site Polyvore and the one fashion blog I like to read, College Fashion and their "Inspired By" columns, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to put together 'looks' inspired by the things I'm into, e.g. songs, books, TV shows and movies. This is not a project about cosplaying but, rather, is a way to use fannish interests to suggest things to do - or rather wear - for day to day.

Making Torchwood the trial balloon fandom, so looks inspired by Torchwood after the cut )
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