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Right, so I guess I should actually post something here. Name's Rebecca; I am on LJ as wild_huntress, and have been on and off for years - except it seems like everyone is gradually disappearing from that site, which led me here to see about getting my fangirlish needs met. I'm currently a grad student but can't sit and write my thesis every minute of every day... sometimes I want to write fan fiction instead, or marathon movies/TV shows and squee about them online. :)

My current obsessions are Velvet Goldmine (such an amazing but obscure movie that needs more love), Doctor Who and Torchwood, and Sherlock although I've been on a little break from that. Previous fandoms include Harry Potter and Star Wars; I also recently inhaled the BBC show Life on Mars and have no one to discuss it with, so if you're a fan in a similar predicament, hit me up. I may use this journal for things like fan fic, random squeeing, possibly playing around with Polyvore to create fashion looks inspired by my nerdly interests, but I'll see how it goes. I also miss getting to interact online with other people in fandom (a need LJ's not really meeting anymore), so I'm pretty open about adding people.


Also, this afternoon I have a meeting with a professor to start a one-term research paper on legal implications of fan fiction. :)
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