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So, I am a sucker for products with cool names, especially when those names reference things I love… And it just occurred to me that there needs to be a line of something, like Etsy nail polishes or perfumes or Adagio teas, with Velvet Goldmine inspired names. You could even make them really lawyer-friendly, like:

- Make a Wish
- Rooftop Scene
- To Change the World
- Tracy and Hepburn for the ’70s
- Camp Isn’t Just a Row of Tents (though that one, admittedly, might be a bit long)
- [You Could] Be My Main Man
- Honestly, Darling
- Mr. BBC

Seriously, that needs to be a thing right now - and I could do this all night with the quotes. That movie is one of the few that I could practically recite to myself if I ever *really* needed to see it but wasn’t equipped to do so.

It just makes me sad that practically no one but me remembers it or thinks/talks about it anymore…

(This post was partly inspired by the fact that I have been obsessing over nail polish, and loving the ones with fun names. You see a lot of fannish ones on Etsy, but I bought some Essence ones at Pharmaprix with good names, too - like Space Queen, in fact, or Modern Love Romance...)

Other, sadder news: I have literally the worst exam of my life tomorrow, for a field that I do not and have never wanted to be in, and have to get up at 5:00 am for this crap. Ugh...
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I feel like everyone may well have heard this already, but I just find it hilarious that some Christian groups are up in arms about the new music video for David Bowie's song The Next Day. The Catholic League issued a press release that not only criticizes the video, but that also puts Bowie down as a "switch-hitting, bisexual senior citizen from London". Um... ok, that's actually kind of more awesome sounding than anything else, but anyway, moving on...

Youtube apparently tried to ban the video, too. I'm not sure if that's also hilarious or just really disturbing, or both. Seriously, Youtube? An artist can't draw on Christian religious imagery/iconography/mythology in an artistic (and "profane") context? There's no more such thing as freedom of expression? Or is it that you can't have slight nudity or gore in a music video? I mean, really, Youtube?

Anyway, whatever. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, and I for one am proud that Bowie is still getting people up in arms at his current age (and in my lifetime, when I'm around and involved to see this).

(He needs to tour though. Come on, I need one more opportunity to see him live, just this once...)

Also: I am dealing with the later stages of a migraine right now, and am presently in the "weird food cravings" stage. The current craving is for cereal. I just ate up the last of my Rice Krispies and almost the last of the milk, and am seriously contemplating making a run for more even though I feel like crap and haven't left my apartment in two days (so much work, omg)...

ETA: Ooh, apparently, The Next Day video has been reinstated and Youtube says the ban was a mistake. Oops? Also, I totally made that run for more cereal and it was awesome getting out of my apartment...
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Wow, I need a flipping David Bowie support group so badly right about now - can anyone point me in the direction of one? Seriously? What with the new album out and my excitement over the Victoria and Albert Museum exhibit on David Bowie Is, which I tragically cannot pop over to the UK to see, this has just been a month for overactive Bowie feels. Heck, unfortunately, even shopping the V&A Bowie merchandise is a little impractical for me as their overseas shipping would come to something like $30 Canadian... Bah. (I hate being made to feel like I live in this colonial backwater where the cool things just do not come.)

Need support group. Now. Very much. XD

Also, in less fun news: I have a dentist appointment in about two hours, need some minor restoration work and will probably need a needle for the freezing part. That is a horrifying thought as I just hate needles. Seriously, I wish they could just sedate me completely for every little thing so I wouldn't be aware that there's a needle near my body...
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Stupid daylight savings time; I feel like it's... well... the wrong time, and seem to be getting nothing done.

HOWEVER. I watched Ziggy Stardust The Motion Picture on my commute today. How the heck had I not seen this before? No, seriously, how? I guess I've never really done the whole films-of-concerts thing, although the live album from that show has become one of my go to, "play all the way through so I don't have to keep changing the song" albums - and watching it was just the best time. I came very close to just screaming out "YEAH, BOWIE!" or something right on the bus. Seriously, watching it was *almost* like being at that show in 1972. That was probably the closest I'll come until I go traveling in time with the Doctor and will drag him back to exactly this period in rock, end up teaming up with young David Bowie to fight some evil aliens and thus learn that a lot of Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and other spacey wacey stuff was totally based on true stories. *nod*

Seriously, what a fun bus ride. Unfortunately, I appear to have lost my mp3 player pouch; it must have been a casualty of my exuberance and distraction during the trip. Then I came home and started looking for my old iPod with its pouch only to not find either of them. What the hell? I was planning on trading in the old iPod for store credit somewhere and I could really use a backup pouch/case thing... Weird.

Also: I totally want to get some rocker chic appropriate, smokey eye-type eye makeup. I finally experimented with some simpler eyeshadow for my date last night and realized I'm not as bad as I thought with it. (I should totally try my hand at the full Bowie Aladdin Sane lightning bolt makeup, too; I think learning how to do that would be a good life skill for me, for various Halloweens and so on.) I was a bit dressed up for dinner and mini putt but who cares. I love how I lost to my boyfriend at mini putt but the place we went to also had trivia questions at each hole/level; this month's theme was authors of literature and philosophy and I absolutely killed it. Seriously, when I see Oscar Wilde and Mary Wollstoncraft Shelley... yeah. Good times.
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Ugh, my laptop seems to be developing a problem connecting to the Internet properly when I've closed it and moved it between locations and Internet connections. I could not get connected on campus at all Thursday, and then it was just as problematic when I got home, though turning it on and off seemed to fix that. Now, on the train, I initially had the same problem and couldn't tell if that was the train connection being crappy or a problem with the laptop's wifi. I'm starting to hit the panic button and think I need to run out and replace the stupid thing, yet there's not a lot on the market that appeals to me now...

The one semi appealing laptop is $500. I could probably get help from my parents with it as I really can't function in school or socially without one, but, ugh. There are also a few concerts coming up that I want to go to (Belle and Sebastian, whom I've been wanting to check out, are playing the home town and the college town in July and I may have a friend going - although the tickets to both events are a bit pricey for the "wanting to check them out" stage) and some clothes/jewelry that I either need for events or just really want. Blah. I'm lucky I'm not particularly broke but still feel concerned about all these possible costs coming up...

And, sweet! The train is almost in the home town....

PS: Also, first ever presentation at an academic conference was yesterday and went really well. My supervisor was nice enough to miss half her morning class to come see me; she said I was poised, succinct and confident and just generally good, and I felt that my presentation (a five minute synopsis of my research) was among the best prepared of the many presenters discussing their grad work. Also, I had a killer outfit. Good times - except that I presented in the morning and had to get up at 6:30 to get dressed and ready and there on time, yeech.
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1) Guh, I feel like every minute of my life has to be spent on grad school stuff - and I'm still not getting anywhere with it; have felt really stalled in my thesis and my research assistant job - and even my directed research on fan fic and copyright. Do not like. I've also had so little time for anything fannish even though I have fics that I want to finish and post, other fan creativity that I want to continue and a couple major fan milestones to mark this week - but noooo, every minute of every day must be spent on grad student-y stuff, guh, why?

2) So the local choir I was in last winter is doing a Les Mis themed concert this June. Now my dad and I have been fanboying/fangirling Les Mis (respectively) like whoah for the last month or so, because, reasons - and I really want to go back to this choir but the music is so damn hard, I barely have the time and I have a massive and extremely important exam just a few days before the concert. Yet, I'd hate to pass up the opportunity to do anything Les Mis themed... *sigh* It's like, saying the buzz word "Les Mis" = me being suckered into it for the whole term. It's similar to how when I first went to the choir last year, I was very skeptical about whether I would stay but our conductor managed to work in a Lou Reed reference thus suckering me in for the whole term... Maybe I should like just print out some Les Mis lyrics and post them up around the apartment so I can sing while I do my housework?

Seriously, I was thinking I'd pass on choir and take some guitar lessons this year instead. I actually found a nice-seeming teacher in the right part of town but have had no time to pursue it (see the point above). Ugh, I hate making decisions...

3) I really hope to hear back from the Reconstructionist congregation (a liberal and community oriented branch of Judaism, and the kind of thing I've been meaning to explore for a while). It's Purim (think Jewish Halloween) this Saturday and I'd like to have something fun and interesting to go to with the boyfriend, who's coming in from out of town this afternoon....
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