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1) I got so much done today. Seriously, what is this? Lots of hand washing type laundry, started tidying my apartment (my boyfriend's coming to visit on the weekend, yay!) and was actually reasonably focused on grad student-y stuff - focused enough to do hours of reading, note taking and conference prep. So unlike me, I know.

2) I finally pulled out Moulin Rouge! and rewatched it a week or so ago on the train - and, boy, do I love that movie. It is so sweet, so epic and just such an iconic thing for my generation. (I literally first saw it ten years ago to within a few weeks - more on that anniversary later, probably.) I am especially in love with the musical finale sequence during Spectacular Spectacular, starting with the reprise of Come What May, then seguing into the reprise of Children of the Revolution and just everybody reprising their most iconic piece from the movie, Ewan's really impressive high note and Zidler just punching the Duke out in the most magnificent way possible. The one problem with that sequence is that the song's not on the soundtrack - seriously, what is this nonsense? That'd be like a Les Miserables soundtrack not including One Day More or something...

Anyway, I love that movie and its costuming, so take some outfits inspired by Moulin Rouge! )
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