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So I've been pining for the book Dandies in the Underworld, about the glam rock scene in music. I finally ordered it from Amazon (more on that later, possibly). Anyway, yesterday when I was home sick from work and about to order the book, I started wondering "Is it titled after a song or something?"

That led me to discover that yes, in fact, Dandy in the Underworld is the title song on T. Rex's last album. Naturally I had to check out this song and holy crow, I'm having one of those one song obsessions that I sometimes get. Dandy in the Underworld has now shot up to surpass Teenage Dream and Children of the Revolution and become my favourite T. Rex song, omfg I love it so much. It is... really inspiring me too... I want to go write some fan fics and some research papers and so on fuelled by it. I just wish I had time...

(Also, I am having the book Dandies in the Underworld shipped to my office because basically my apartment building sucks. I tried the trial of Amazon Prime with two day shipping, and am really hoping it arrives in the office tomorrow. The mail room takes at least a day to get things to the proper people, and I was hoping to have the book Friday, read it over the bus trip to Montreal on Saturday and over the weekend/Passover, and then maybe leave it at my parents' place so it'll be one less thing to move when I high tail it out of Toronto...)
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Had such a nice time at the Elton John concert but for the bloody headache - it seems to be a sort of signature move for me, having migraines at concerts; I spent half of Thursday night trying to figure out whether that migraine was worse or whether the one I had when I saw Iggy Pop was worse. But Elton John was awesome. I had this cheap nosebleed seat that was maybe five to eight rows from the back of the arena. (Seriously, I just kept looking over my shoulder and thinking "Well, it could be somewhat worse: I could be in one of those rows that are somewhat behind me.") Elton was in this awesome sequin jacket - so glam - that I could even see from my seat. I wanna say that he looked like a sparkler on a birthday cake, but it wasn't quite that bad.

And I really, really enjoyed the music. I felt so out of it that I only really perked up for the absolute favourite songs, like Tiny Dancer and Rocket Man, but that was a wonderful experience. I also had this sneaking suspicion that he'd do either Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters or Daniel and that I'd just burst out crying. Sure enough, he did Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters - which really resonates with the disappointment and disillusionment I've been feeling lately, only substitute "Toronto" for "New York City" - and I just burst out crying - but I'm still very glad he did it, you know? Rocket Man is another song that really resonates with me and I teared up a little during the piano outro at the end. Gah, I'm so glad I went though.

Also - got totally lost leaving the Air Canada Centre. That's another trademark of mine - get lost after the concert. Seriously.

Also also - this one girl sitting somewhere in front of me had this amazing 70s esque Penny Lane coat. I wanted that coat so much....

Ugh, I have more to say but still have this damn headache so I think I'll just call it a day. I may or may not eventually upload some of my crappy, trophy, "proof I was at the concert!" footage. =p
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Off to see Elton John at the Air Canada Centre in a few. :)

... Of course the migraine I've been struggling with for weeks *would* get extra horrible tonight. I ate so healthily today (after days of constant cakes and treats and crap and work) until the migraine set in, leaving me queasy and with no appetite for anything except carbs and comfort food. Then I mixed up too much pancake batter for supper, ate these two super pancakes and completely overdid the carbs/comfort food, which was not good for the queasiness. Ugh. Effing migraine, go away...

But, off to see Elton John in like half an hour. ;)
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Oh my gosh, I just got back from seeing Iggy and the Stooges. I barely hard time to even think about, let alone anticipate this concert as I've been so busy moving but damn that was amazing. Hell of a way to kick off the Toronto phase of my life/ my year here. I really, really enjoyed even though I was a but that from the stage and m my phone pics/videos are totally useless (I think useless footage that you shouldn't have even bothered going is part of the experience though....) Any way I may revisit this when I'm not typing on my phone (no internet in my sublet..) but damn that was amazing.....
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1) Guh, I feel like every minute of my life has to be spent on grad school stuff - and I'm still not getting anywhere with it; have felt really stalled in my thesis and my research assistant job - and even my directed research on fan fic and copyright. Do not like. I've also had so little time for anything fannish even though I have fics that I want to finish and post, other fan creativity that I want to continue and a couple major fan milestones to mark this week - but noooo, every minute of every day must be spent on grad student-y stuff, guh, why?

2) So the local choir I was in last winter is doing a Les Mis themed concert this June. Now my dad and I have been fanboying/fangirling Les Mis (respectively) like whoah for the last month or so, because, reasons - and I really want to go back to this choir but the music is so damn hard, I barely have the time and I have a massive and extremely important exam just a few days before the concert. Yet, I'd hate to pass up the opportunity to do anything Les Mis themed... *sigh* It's like, saying the buzz word "Les Mis" = me being suckered into it for the whole term. It's similar to how when I first went to the choir last year, I was very skeptical about whether I would stay but our conductor managed to work in a Lou Reed reference thus suckering me in for the whole term... Maybe I should like just print out some Les Mis lyrics and post them up around the apartment so I can sing while I do my housework?

Seriously, I was thinking I'd pass on choir and take some guitar lessons this year instead. I actually found a nice-seeming teacher in the right part of town but have had no time to pursue it (see the point above). Ugh, I hate making decisions...

3) I really hope to hear back from the Reconstructionist congregation (a liberal and community oriented branch of Judaism, and the kind of thing I've been meaning to explore for a while). It's Purim (think Jewish Halloween) this Saturday and I'd like to have something fun and interesting to go to with the boyfriend, who's coming in from out of town this afternoon....
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