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I love how I'll sit down to work on my thesis but instead just end up composing all these awesome political rants about related issues to myself in my brain.* Then I feel like I've gotten a non-zero amount of thesisy things done, when really I've gotten zero done.

Also: Brian Eno makes great 'music for working on your thesis to'. (Not his fault that I'm getting zero done...)

* I'm currently writing my chapter on anti-gay (or -lesbian or -bi/trans/queer/questioning etc) bullying, and am not only trying to become a better LGBTQ ally, but I am also, definitely becoming a militant secularist. My committed rationalist and atheist boyfriend and committed rationalist/secular humanist/skeptic brother have been helping me along that path, too. I've also been reading some Richard Dawkins (I highly recommend The God Delusion), some Carl Sagan (I highly recommend The Demon Haunted World) and Richard Wiseman's Paranormality. My boyfriend showed me Religulous and a whole bunch of really interesting atheist Youtube vloggers. Now, when I go to Youtube, its recs section offers me classic rock, David Bowie and atheist videos. You can see I've been reading/hanging around enough skeptics and scientists (i.e. the boyfriend, the brother and the authors/vloggers they recommend) to pick up the phrases "non-zero" and "truth value"...
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