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... I'm so glad I pulled that book out again (well, technically an audio book which I have been listening to while walking to and from my bf's home in the cold - it's lovely being home and in walking distance of him). I like to do a seasonal reread but obviously don't have time to do one every year. It's been a couple years since I've been able to reread it, but we had a rather horrifying ton of snow around my December birthday earlier this month (quite a bit earlier - the eleventh) and it put me in mind of this.

I'm super glad I got to write a Yuletide treat for it, too. That was the first time I've posted any fic for this series, and I will be linking all my Yuletide stuff in a couple days after reveals. I want to write more for it too, and have remembered how much I especially love Miss Greythorne. She's... such a badass. I need more of her and Merriman, including how that dynamic would work when he's posing as her butler despite being the oldest Old One and, presumably, more senior than she is. Gah. (Also, seriously, how does Will not realize she is an Old One until the last couple pages? Seriously?)

Also, while I’m on the subject of griping about this book (which I really do love!), I do find it weird how much Will (and the other Old Ones) don’t seem to be making choices. It’s like everything is predestined and it’s very poetic, the way she makes magic like a sort of chess game or other complex with very ornate rules and steps (e.g., clearly Herne the Hunter is an ally even though he’s part of the Wild Magic and not specifically the Light - why? How are they making an ally of him?) I do feel that that very strong “pattern” oriented feel of it - e.g., people do these things because that’s what has to happen - may be in keeping with some types of mythology and folk tales, but I do feel like it suffers a teensy bit because of it. Does that make any sense? I do love these and Susan Cooper though! They even explain why I have the Livejournal handle that I do.

...OK, in personal news, my brother and his fiancee are coming in from Boston tomorrow. I'm super excited to see them and get to tag along to some wedding planning stuff too. Happy New Year everyone in case I'm not around before then! <3
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