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1) Finally got my old iPod speaker working and was able to bring down my old, no longer being used regularly iPod and listen to music while doing my swim in the apartment pool (got through just over half of Bowie's Hunky Dory, natch). That was awesome; I'd been looking to make swimming laps more interesting and was lucky enough to get the pool all to myself tonight. It may have been deserted because the water was kinda slimey, salty and gross. It's supposed to be a salt water pool but they may have overdone it tonight - yuck. But, oh well. (Took a good shower right after, so don't worry. =P)

2) I also think I'll use this journal to test out a new way to engage with fandoms. Inspired by the web site Polyvore and the one fashion blog I like to read, College Fashion and their "Inspired By" columns, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to put together 'looks' inspired by the things I'm into, e.g. songs, books, TV shows and movies. This is not a project about cosplaying but, rather, is a way to use fannish interests to suggest things to do - or rather wear - for day to day.

Making Torchwood the trial balloon fandom, so looks inspired by Torchwood after the cut )
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