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Whee, it's that time of year again! )

So excited for Yuletide!
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... What's the consensus on, er, fobbing off existing ideas as Yuletide fics? (Or, you know, parts of existing fics?) Is that considered really gauche or something? I did it last year but was such a newbie, I'm not sure if that's considered legit or not - and I really wanna write treats in a certain fandom, but have a pretty much appropriate idea I could polish off that just happens to have been hanging around my hard drive for, oh, a year and a half... Does anyone know? Haha.
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(I will probably tweak this letter in the next couple days, but am posting a mostly-finished one so I can link it in my sign up.)

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1) Happy belated birthday to David Bowie! Thanks for giving me so much, inspiring me so much, reminding me that I can live my dreams and letting me know that oh no, love, you're not alone.

This would be a very poor tribute but a tribute just the same... (Me doing a slight Bowie medley and playing with the distortion on my electric guitar.)

2) This is even more belated, but I really enjoyed the whole Yuletide process and the Yuletide reveals on New Year's Day. [personal profile] gonergone wrote me two wonderful and much appreciated stories:

The Dawn Before the Rest of the World. Oscar Wilde RPF, rated Teen.
Every Sinner Has a Future. Velvet Goldmine, Teen.

And I received a third story by someone I don't know but I so appreciate the thought from a stranger:

Like the Painting of a Sorrow. The Picture of Dorian Gray, Teen.

I don't know if this is bad form but I do want to link the pieces I wrote, most of which are quite short:

Morning. Velvet Goldmine. Teen; ~700 words.
Refraction. Velvet Goldmine. Teen; AU; ~850 words.
Growing Pains. Velvet Goldmine. Teen; ~1050 words.
The Shadow of a Rose. The Picture of Dorian Gray. Teen; ~2200 words. (This was my main assignment and it was a real challenge to write but I'm so glad I did...)
Schoolroom. The Picture of Dorian Gray. Teen; ~250 words. (When I first got my assignment I was like "No, I love Oscar Wilde too much to write for this novel!" By the end of the process I was like "Nope, apparently not - let's do another one!")
Once and Future. Arthurian mythology. Rated General.

So, yes, good times.

3) I have discovered Downton Abbey. How did I never discover this show before? It has almost everything I love in it and I can feel a huge phase coming on.... I may even start a study of the World War One poets again (am in the middle of season two now; please no spoilers...) and, yes, a huge obsession is probably in the wings.
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So, I had a fabulous Yuletide and am really, really glad I participated. I received three stories, which I really appreciate - although I'm curious which was my main gift and which was a treat. (One I am inferring was a treat and am pretty confident in that inference.) I'm super grateful to the people who wrote for me and am eager to see the reveals!

I also wrote six pieces myself, two of which cracked the 1000 word mark (my main assignment and one of the treats I did). It was great challenging myself to write some new works based on fandoms I would not usually write for, since I'm normally a strict "one obsession or inspiration at a time" kind of girl. Great experience all around - I got to write for The Picture of Dorian Gray for the first time in my life, despite at first feeling that I loved that novel too much to write for/about it. (By the end of this process I was all "Nope, apparently not.") I also got to revisit some Arthurian mythology, which I hadn't thought of in years, and got to use some of the ideas from my Velvet Goldmine backlog. So this has been a lot of fun.

Also watched the Doctor Who Christmas special. My spoiler-free review is that that was super disappointing. I loved the fiftieth and was all excited that they were finally getting back on a role. And then I thought this was a ginormous mess, in the typical Moffat mess way where they just throw every plot point and character and species and monster etc etc at the episode willy-nilly and hope that'll make it good. Maybe I was just distracted when I watched it and didn't follow well enough to understand but I don't think so - and damn, that was disappointing. I will miss Eleven and Matt Smith, because I love him/them, and really wish they'd have regenerated Steven Moffat into a new head writer instead.

Finally, I just put on the first episode of the new Dracula series with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. What am I watching here? This is another series that just seems bizarre and I'm not sure how far I'm going to go with this. If JRM weren't in it or weren't so damn attractive I probably wouldn't have bothered at all - but he's not even looking that good because of that stupid facial hair. Meh.

My head hurts...
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So I actually signed up for Yuletide (about 5 minutes before the end of sign-ups, and I was literally unsure whether I wanted to do it up to the very last minute). I'm not thrilled about my assignment - it's something I've never written before, did not expect to be assigned, and really only listed for make-weight, so I could participate. I'm so not cut out for something where you have to offer to write for, like, 5 things - remember, every few years I get inspiration to write for one fandom, and that one fandom lasts me a six month to three year period in which I write it exclusively. I keep going back and forth between "This is so cool and I'm in the "in group" of cool people doing Yuletide and I can totally write this and broaden my horizons!" and totally kicking myself for getting into this.

Also, I haven't done a fic swap in precisely one million years so I have to re-figure-out how they even work. I had this urge to go find my recipient and be all "Hi, nice to meet you! I'm writing X fandom for you for Yuletide!" Totally the opposite of the point, right? And thank God I'm not organizing this, lol. You just know if I had to run something like this I'd be all "Hmm, Rebecca requested Velvet Goldmine and Rebecca really seems to want to write Velvet Goldmine, so Rebecca can write Velvet Goldmine for Rebecca! Wait, something seems off here..." Yeah, that would be me running one of these things.

Seriously, I hope this works out. It's my birthday a week and a bit before the fics are due, and it's gonna be a boring, lonely birthday, so I at least hope this works out well.

In other news, I am crazy inspired by an original fic idea that I don't know what to do with, either...
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