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I've never participated in a fandom auction ever before, but animal welfare and trap-spay-release of stray animals is/are very dear to my heart and I am in the market for prompts. (Not that I'm not already in the middle of two Downton Abbey fics, with Velvet Goldmine scraps to finish up and get out of the backlog - but hey, you can never have too many ideas right?) So I'm offering to write for this and may well donate too and I totally suggest that other people check it out.

 photo HelpAnimals_zps94757a79.jpg

It's a new year and that means there is a new chance to help animals in crisis! Come be a part of the second annual “Help Animals” fandom auction. This time all proceeds will benefit “Barrio Dogs” which ‘focuses on giving proper animal care in low income communities.' Just think of how many animals might be suffering in our tough economic times - going without life-saving vaccinations and surgeries because their owners cannot afford to pay their bills! If you’re passionate about animals and helping to make the world a better place, then please check out this community. Every single penny earned makes a world of difference to the animals helped through this service! THANK YOU.

Probably signing up for shipswap too but I feel more iffy about that.... Like, what if I'm the only person who offers/requests the things I'll be offering/requesting?
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