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Hello Yuletide writer,

First, thanks so much for signing up and being willing to write for me! I really appreciate the thought of getting a story and am sure I will love it.

Second, if you have a story you’re just burning to write in any of these obscure fandoms/parent texts (it seems weird to even call some of them “fandoms”, they’re so obscure - the great thing about Yuletide), write it! I am sure it will be good and inspired, and don’t want to cramp your style. However, if you want to get a sense of what I like and/or use my suggestions as prompts, then I hope the following letter will be helpful.

What I like in general
I love slash, and I love contrasts between characters in slash or het pairings - e.g. in temperament, appearance, background, behaviour, etc. Age gaps and other interesting potential power dynamics are great. I love and often go to fan fic for character and relationship development. I also like angst., especially with happy or at least hopeful endings is best.

I don’t usually go for paragraphs and paragraphs of smut, though to some extent that depends on the fandom -Velvet Goldmine is so profoundly about sexuality and so sexy that smuttier stories for it are fair(er) game. What I am always a sucker for is romance and deep emotional bonds between characters, particularly when you can just see how two people who care about one another balance each other out and work well together, or maybe don’t work so well together despite loving each other.

Specific fandoms

Velvet Goldmine
This movie changed my life and means a ton for me. I always just love seeing more good quality fics for it, although the ship I personally sail is Curt/Arthur. They really exemplify that contrast/balance thing, and there’s so much scope for either angst or happiness, post-movie or AUs/slice of life moments when Arthur’s younger. Curt and Arthur have some really interesting contrasts between them, in terms of temperament and level of fame, and Curt being this rock star idol to Arthur’s ordinary fan could create a power dynamic that you really don’t see in a lot of ships or stories. That’s an idea that I love and always like seeing explored or implied. I also think this fandom would do well with more AU’s/fusions with other canons that still somehow keep a bit of that unhappy celebrity/adoring fan dynamic - like updating the setting to deal with a slightly later music period with Arthur discovering Brian’s (and Curt’s) story by blogging about it? Fusion/crossover with the UK Life on Mars TV show if you’re into multiple fandoms set in the ‘70s and all named after Bowie songs? Hunger Games fusion with Curt as the substance-abusing mentor or something? Go wild (no pun intended); the fandom could use it. For more crazy AUs - His Dark Materials fusion daemon AU? I know I'm editing this post absurdly late to add this idea, but doesn't every fandom need a daemon AU?

Also, let me point out that this movie recently got the closest thing to new canon it will probably ever get, i.e., a Tweet from Ewan MacGregor that “happily ever after’s” Curt and Arthur. That Tweet had me grinning like a Cheshire cat for weeks even though it almost sounds implausibly happy and saccharine for this canon, so if anyone wants to write that scenario, it’s just awesome and d’awww and totally fair game. I’m not sure how Curt and Arthur would be as parents, although it could make an awesome fic - or just give them pets instead if Ewan’s Tweet was a little too optimistic for them/the time period, aww.

Arthurian mythology
I have loved Arthuriana since I was a wee thing reading books on King Arthur and his knights that were lying around the house since my older brother outgrew them. I love the idea of an idealistic Arthur fighting to make Britain better. I’m most attracted to historically plausible post-Roman British settings of warring Celtic tribes and Anglo-Saxon invasions, complete with religious upheaval/competition, suppression, and also syncretism. I also think you can write an idealistic Arthur (pro-unity, pro-peace with Germanic tribes that seem willing to live peacefully alongside British neighbours and stop conflict, and attempting to bring a reasonable and just legal/political system to move the land forward) even in a more plausible setting than a high medieval world of knights in (late) shining armour. Likewise, I love the potential for exploring the women characters in this mythos, though I don’t like the Lancelot/Guenever/Arthur love triangle because it’s just been done to death. Otherwise, this is another parent text where I’d just love to see people go nuts - modern reincarnation stories, magic, “what really happened”, whatever.

Angela Carter, The Lady of the House of Love
There are a few themes in this story that I just love. The first is that of society and technology, contrasting the vampires of the uncivilized “old world” with the modern, civilizing and protective influence of the officer’s bicycle (benefits of modernity) but also the looming horror of mechanized 20th century warfare. Another is the young soldier’s rationalist certainty that he knows his place in the world and what to expect from it, which will of course get turned on its head eventually, and his almost imperialist zeal (that’s still somehow coming from a sincere and well-meaning place) to “help” the young Countess whom he cannot possibly believe is supernatural. Finally, I love the implied loss of “civilizational” innocence from the Great War, the implication that human cruelty to other humans is really far more terrifying than any legendary creatures like vampires. I’m not sure where you could necessarily go with this - a setting update, or something positing what might happen if the Countess tried to return to “civilization” with the young soldier before his regiment left - but I hope I’ve given you something to work with. Also, just a warning: I live alone and am a huge wimp about horror media (despite being a literal Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins-reading, Centre for Inquiry-member skeptic - but media goes to my imagination, not the evidence-based scientific thinking), so please be sparing with the outright horror that’ll have me up all night listening for creaky floors. Or maybe don’t, and scare me since I’m the one asking for this prompt. I don’t know but there’s a little more information about me.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (Album)
Who even nominated this? Because thanks; you rock! I have no idea what to even ask for but I just adore David Bowie. I’m actually extremely uncomfortable with RPF the vast majority of the time; however, Bowie performed and created this whole image/identity for himself that is, I think, different enough to be a little more removed from more typical RPF. I’m probably making no sense and this seems like a really hard offer to write, but if you want to write me Bowie/Ziggy being queer and camp (and perhaps a real alien or something - sci fi AU) and maybe more than just friends with some of his male friends and fellow stars from this period, that could be spectacular.

So excited for Yuletide!
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