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Oh, Life on Mars. Full disclosure: I started watching this show because of its awesome early seventies soundtrack and use of one of my favourite Bowie songs for the title (see also my username). I stayed, however, because it is an awesome show with a really unusual and cool premise, strong characters, interesting plots and challenging questions about how the administration of law and justice have changed. Tonight, I have just finished inhaling the last season of its spin off, Ashes to Ashes, and so I wanted to do a post about this series.

Life on Mars follows the adventures of Sam Tyler, a very decent and 'evolved' 2007 cop from Manchester who gets into a car accident during an investigation and wakes up in 1973. He walks into his new life on the 1970s Manchester police force unsure if he's insane, traveling in time or hallucinating all this in some sort of coma or dying dream. The show explores Sam's overarching discovery of what's happening to himself as well as a stand alone plot or case in each episode; the spin off, Ashes to Ashes, follows a similar premise but with a different protagonist (and a somewhat disappointing tail end in my view, but oh well).

Without further ado, outfits inspired by Life on Mars )

'K, I can't believe I did a fashion post for Life on Mars, and may yet do an Ashes to Ashes one. (Also, note how my last two such posts, about two huge obsessions of mine, are both set in the 70s and totally titled after Bowie songs...).
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1) Had some real winner dreams this week. In addition to the back to high school one I mentioned a few days ago, I also had one in which I was on another cruise (took one with the boyfriend and his family over the holidays), this time with a water skiing tabby cat mascot on board; in another dream, I was time traveling and got to meet Kurt Cobain a la the Marc Bolan "drive carefully, 'specially in Minis" scene in 1.04 of Life on Mars.

2) Have been staying in the home town since Wednesday afternoon, when it was the boyfriend's birthday - which gave me an opportunity to meet up with an old friend today. Now I am usually a terrible hermit; however, I've been feeling kinda lonely lately which finally caused me to realize just how important keeping in touch is. We met up and went tea bar hopping and window shopping, caught up on school/life/nerdly interests, etc. I must do this more often.

We also touched on both of our respective recent trips to Boston, and I got to use my quip about the T's experimental rock-style distortion that always reminds me of the Velvet Underground - especially the Green Line, and especially Boylston. I swear, someday I will use that line and someone I am with will actually get the reference(s).

Also also - we ducked into Urban Outfitters just to kill time, and the background music in the store immediately started playing 'my' song, i.e., Bowie's Life on Mars. Such an awesome moment. So perfect.

3) Ugh, I spent much of October through December trying to avoid writing a fan fic story that I feared would be pure pointless depressing-ness and angst. Naturally, around my holiday in December I caved and wrote up a draft of that story. Now my imagination wants me to go even further and to develop an original story drawing elements from this fan fiction but changing names, setting, etc (basically Fifty Shades of Gray-style) - but go further and somehow make it even more depressing. Why, brain? Why?
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