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So I actually signed up for Yuletide (about 5 minutes before the end of sign-ups, and I was literally unsure whether I wanted to do it up to the very last minute). I'm not thrilled about my assignment - it's something I've never written before, did not expect to be assigned, and really only listed for make-weight, so I could participate. I'm so not cut out for something where you have to offer to write for, like, 5 things - remember, every few years I get inspiration to write for one fandom, and that one fandom lasts me a six month to three year period in which I write it exclusively. I keep going back and forth between "This is so cool and I'm in the "in group" of cool people doing Yuletide and I can totally write this and broaden my horizons!" and totally kicking myself for getting into this.

Also, I haven't done a fic swap in precisely one million years so I have to re-figure-out how they even work. I had this urge to go find my recipient and be all "Hi, nice to meet you! I'm writing X fandom for you for Yuletide!" Totally the opposite of the point, right? And thank God I'm not organizing this, lol. You just know if I had to run something like this I'd be all "Hmm, Rebecca requested Velvet Goldmine and Rebecca really seems to want to write Velvet Goldmine, so Rebecca can write Velvet Goldmine for Rebecca! Wait, something seems off here..." Yeah, that would be me running one of these things.

Seriously, I hope this works out. It's my birthday a week and a bit before the fics are due, and it's gonna be a boring, lonely birthday, so I at least hope this works out well.

In other news, I am crazy inspired by an original fic idea that I don't know what to do with, either...
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